Light Meter - lux and foot candle measurement tool App Reviews

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Great App!

It’s really very convenient compare to the traditional professional device, And its’s really easy to use and can measure the light intensity very accurately.

A practical software

Very scientific software, spectrum is essential in our daily life, very accurate measurement, easy to operate.

Rival professional equipment

Concise interface,intuitive and easy to use,especially the attention to detail is good,for example,front,back,indoor,outdoor.Especially in the outdoors, I can see the display readings. After more than 10 days of use, this app runs properly, without any failure. Perfect app!


Useless, No support, foot candle measure wrong

NOT for photographers

This is not a traditional light meter for photography purposes.

Not worth the purchase

Not good for low light levels. Always measures zero. Not worth the purchase.

Wish I find that early

To be honest, this application is a bit complicated, you need to read the information to learn about how to control the application, but you will find that application was you wanted.

Actually work

It was a good working app until today. Overall a good app compared to many others i tested.

Nice app that you could never missed

Wonderful app that could easily control LED light intensity which is super convenient to use in lowlight. A great tools that help you manage your LED perfectly. Definitely worth the price and would share it to friends.

Waste of 2.00 dollars

App records my bedroom light as having the same light level as moonlight. Highly erratic readings as well, do not purchase.


This is a portable illumination measurement tools. I can use the phone measure ambient brightness. Provide professional and accurate measurement data. Easy to use.

Great for concert!

Perfect! Its very useful to show out in the low light concert! Super easy to set and use! Highly recommended and five stars.


guys, I love your app very much especially because it has a data recording feature. The great thing is, I can use the recorded data for my current project. Thank you so much for this app


Great, I have compared the measurement results with my digital instrumen. They are very close. Now you Dont want to carry lux meter


I gotta say this light meter app is perfect for me, quite useful. I am always dreaming there is such an app in the AppStore, now my dream finally came true. Thank you very much developers.

oh wow

Im always skeptical, but with this app.. Wow!!..I left my light meter at home and decided to download this.. Holy beans! works like a charm, every exposition is spot on!.. Perfect!


It can test my phones built in Ambient Light Sensor using this Light Meter Application.Light Meter is an electrical exposure meter for measuring light intensity.I uses the light meter to measure the intensity of the light on his object or scene.Good!Good!Good!

Interesting app

This is a measurement of light intensity of app, though not very accurate, but very interesting.

Good job

Unique minimalist design. Simplicity and convenience. Lighting fast measurements. Functional complete. Use is also very simple.

Really helpful

The app utilizes phones sensor to measure illumination, Im an electronic engineer its useful for my job.Lots of useful feature,nice interface, easy to use and the measurement is accuracy. It save me a lot of time and money

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